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Be on your guard when choosing a web designer — there are many people out there who claim to be qualified web designer but have no real experience. They can use web builder software provided by hosting company for free. Yes they can create website using those software but when ask them to customize as per your requirement then get stuck and give you only half finished project. Obviously you should ask them to send you some examples of their previous work. You should also ask if the designer is able to do the following:

  • Can they Work with languages such as JavaScript.
  • Can they Create meta-tags and optimize for search engines.
  • Create forms and further interactive content.
  • Can they create custom website from scratch.
  • Can they work with fixed price for the project?
  • How comfortable are you with writing HTML
  • Ask them to show their portfolio.

Prepare Your Website Plan

After researching your target audience you should have a list of features that your viewers expect. Always treat your website like a business. Website also can be for fun but always manage it as a business. Make a priority list of these features. Your budget may not be large as much as necessary to include everything at first go but with a complete list of features you can ask web designer an idea of what the total plan is. Having a website plan will also help in the process of choosing a web designer. You should determine first if you are comfortable working long distance or you rather want to meet web designer in person on occasion. Search the internet to find a few website design firms to consider, there are lots to choose from!

This should be purely about you, your website and your business. Next step is to choose domain name. If you want to be found in major search engines then you should choose domain name with top keywords in it.

If you are searching the internet for a website designer then you need few things to keep in mind as you look at their website and their portfolio.

  • User friendly designs
  • Check if all their samples look the same?
  • See if sample websites are quick to load?
  • Check sample websites in different browsers.

E-commerce is called electronic commerce. This is processes of buying and selling of products and services online on the Internet. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. Web commerce has expanded rapidly over the past decade and is predicted to continue at this rate, or even accelerate. Ecommerce is the best option for online selling taking into consideration that it is a billion dollar industry with never-ending online store and online buyers. Various reasons can be attributed to it like People have easy access to the Internet. They can very easily compare and study products they plan to buy without going anywhere. Furthermore when they buy online they get great bargains.

Ecommerce or online stores allow you to find something that is up for sale even other side of the world. Ecommerce a really good option as you don't need to step out of your home especially considering the busy lifestyle everyone has these days as sitting home you can compare products or services you want to buy. Same way Ecommerce benefits the sellers too as they don’t need as many resources and money. You can start small even start home based online business. Online store need less amount of investment less start up work, no need to invest in the interior design, rent, staff, electricity, water, and other things.

Selling and buying over the Internet is in itself is a good example of e-commerce. The world market is absorbing the large-scale electronic commerce. Web Commerce fundamentals are based on security, encryption, currencies and electronic payments. It also involves research, development, marketing, advertising, trading, sales, and support. The customer most often pays only for the shipping of the products they purchase, thereby reducing or completely eliminating the high mailing and printing costs. It also results in dropdown in the cost of promotional material marketing. This denotes that most of the companies notice the increase in sales brought about by the e-commerce which typically mean increase in the profits.

A business that is using an e-commerce website will have a basket that lets you send products to it, so you can later buy the product online. So if you create an e-commerce website it will save you valuable time and would bring you more customers. Also it will be able to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While using an e-commerce website you will radically reduce the amount of paperwork. Using e-commerce you can pay by using all kind of credit cards. That allows you to buy products online and if needed you can return the product you bought. The other advantage of moving the business online is that the company has the flexibility to target on the market segments. With this the company can focus on selected group of customers and provide them with whatever they want, to satisfy their needs. Customer customization is one of the advantages of e-commerce.

E-commerce can provide the following benefits over non-electronic commerce:

  • Ecommerce allows you to carry out businesses without the barriers of time or distance. One can log on to the Internet at any point of time, be it day or night and purchase or sell anything one wishes at a single click of the mouse.
  • The direct order taken from a web site is lower than traditional means i.e. retail, paper based, as there is no human interaction during the on-line electronic purchase order process.
  • Another important benefit of Ecommerce is that it is the cheapest means of doing business.
  • Reduced costs by reducing labour, reduced paper work, reduced errors in keying in data, reduce post costs.
  • Flexibility with efficiency. The ability to handle complex situations.
  • Lock in Customers. The closer you are to your customer and the more you work with them to change from normal business practices to best practice e-commerce the harder it is for a competitor to upset your customer relationship.
  • New Markets. The Internet has the potential to expand your business into wider geographical locations.
  • Operational benefits of the Ecommerce include reducing both the time and personnel required to complete business processes.

Some of the stages in the SEO Process are outlined as follows:

Key Phrase / Keyword Analysis

Key phrase & Keyword Analysis is a fundamental search engine optimization strategy. Keywords and key phrases are the words on your web site that need to match these search terms in order for your site to drive targeted traffic to your business.

Competition Analysis

Our SEO professionals would analyze the competition on keywords / key phrases chosen by you. We would tend to study websites which appear on top listings on search engines on those key phrases and strategize our service delivery accordingly. This analysis basically includes studying competitor back links, rankings, Meta tag analysis etc.

Content Analysis

Search Engine Optimization Canada provide an analysis of what we believe to be the best aspects and worst aspects of your content and provide information regarding the ways in which we believe it can be improved. Your website would also be checked for web-design standards and compliance. We would also undertake a Content Duplicity Test to ensure that your website does not have plagiarized content and would not hamper the SEO Process in any way.

Ongoing Directory Submissions

Your website will be submitted and registered with directories. This component also includes research and selection of appropriate categories to which directory submissions would be made.

Ongoing Link Building

Google Page Rank will depend on the number of back links it has and with an increase in the page rank of a website, improvement in page rankings can also be expected. Search Engine Optimization Canada try and get links from suppliers, affiliates, related associations, partners, trade bodies and even indirect competitors.

You need to Follow some of the points below

» Use of a relevant title for the naming of each page should be done carefully in the process of web designing.
» Webpage editing is also very important, to renew the text by replacing of vague text with particular and relevant terms.
» Webpage should be empowered by profound information, quality content and to the point facts.
» High-fidelity description Meta tags should be used to shape the search listing as more informative and useful.
» Link strategies should be developed to increase the number of visitors by back links.
» Accessibility of a webpage is one of the most important determinants of page ranking. Accessibility is a main decisive factor of ranking, set by Google.

                        Custom Ecommerce Development $995
Ability to optimize your website Thru Admin Panel by adding tags
CMS (Admin Panel)
We will prepare control panel (CMS) secured via user name and password To manage website yourself

1. You can yourself create categories/sub categories.
2. You can yourself add/delete/modify product.
3. Add 2-10 different Pictures for each product.
4. Add available Size, Colors, Brand.
5. Create you own shipping system (Add unlimited city, Country to Ship) (Add unlimited shipping station to Ship from) (Add different Prices for every city)
6. Add Sub Admins to manage website.
7. Add Special Offer products in Sliding Show.
8. Add prices in 4 different currencies.
9. Add Downloadable files, Video files, PDF files, zip files .
10. Maintain your catalog yourself.
11. Add blog for Extra $100 with RSS feed
12. Live stats with ip Address and Country
13. Ability to turn feature on/off

Shopping Cart
Shopping cart will be fully customized based on your requirement with automated calculator.

User Registration Section and Login Section
Each user have to register before any Shopping and his detail are stored in database
User have to login before shopping.
1. Registration form.
2. Login section.
3. See his/her shopping history

Search Model

Payment Gateway
After shopping user can pay online via credit card. We will be usingwww.paypal.com for payment gateway integration.

Designing Section
» Homepage + 5 pages
» Manage content thru cms admin
» Online Support via Email and Phone
» Free stat Maintenance.
» Inclusion of Javascript and DHTML codes
» Written text and product images to be provided by client via E-mail
» Internal linking between pages (page to page)
» E-mail, contact details, small query form

We are offering special deal on Content Management Website for $495.00

The Webforless Content Management System is capable of providing following Features:

  • Custom designed graphical layout to match your request
  • Unlimited customized pages including a custom feedback Page
  • Unlimited Pages added by client
  • Unlimited Pictures/Images Gallery
  • OboutText Editor
  • User friendly control panel
  • Unlimited Content changes
  • Front End Customization
  • Customizable SEO Tags
  • Quick Edit
  • Fully Customizable Slide Show with Unlimited Images

» 5 Page Static website design (Hosting & Domain included for Year) $235 Offer end May, 31, 2010
» 10 Page Static website design (Hosting & Domain Included for 1 Year) $325 Offer end May, 31, 2010
» 5 Page Flash website design $399 Offer end May, 31, 2010
» Content Management System Web Site (create unlimited page) $795, Offer end May, 31, 2010
» Custom E-Commerce Website Development (add unlimited Product yourself) Edit/create/delete category yourself $795(Regular $1395) offer end March, 31, 2010, E-Commerce Admin Panel Demo

Content management system (CMS) is not new. Yet, not many business owners are aware of how Content management system can help to bring their business to the next level. If you have a website, and you are still relying on your web designers to manage your website, it is time consuming and costly. Content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site.

Content management system will not be appropriate for everybody. Since, it have the benefit of allowing non-technical users to maintain a website very easily and provide powerful tools for managing content and the web publishing process. Although the initial outlay may be higher than for building your website with flat HTML pages, in the long run a content management system could prove highly cost effective. If you are getting a new website built or redeveloping an existing website and your site needs updating regularly by users without the relevant technical skills, is large or complex, then a content management system is worth considering.

Content management system Canada will prepare administration control panel (CMS) secured via user name and password using which client can manage website himself. Manage your website yourself without any extra cost every month or whenever you want to update your website. We introduce various CMS solutions that may be suitable for you:

Content management system Canada Offers

1. An online content management system enables organizations to streamline their content publishing process in a cost effective and efficient manner.
2. Integrated text editors make it easy for content editors, having little or no technical knowledge, to publish, organize and format content.
3. We have built easy to use tools that facilitate the upload of content resulting in faster turnaround time for content updates.
4. You can yourself create categories/sub categories
5. You can yourself add/delete/modify product to a particular category.
6. Maintain your catalog yourself.
7. Maintain registered users.
8. Manage message board or blogs
9. Add new news releases on your website by yourself.
10.Uploading of images and files

The information on your website would be ever evolving, both in terms of the volume of content as well in terms of updating information. You would surely want to talk about the latest client that you have acquired or mention your participation in an upcoming exhibition or talk about your promotional month or just add a new branch address... With our Content Management Systems you would be able to do all of this at a click of a button!

Web Development2342 days ago

We at Web Development Canada are aware that robust web development processes and seamless communication with the Client are critical success factors. A system development process can follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks. Web Development life cycle normally comes with some standards which can fulfill the needs of any web development team.

Web Development Services Canada

Web Development Canada offer a standardized web development process to our clients to ensure world-class website development services. The entire process is controlled and followed by a dedicated Account Manager for each project. Also, the process we follow at Web Development Canada negates any chances of errors by plugging in customer approvals at every crucial stage of the Website development effort.

As the diagram explains, the web development process would be a series of planned and standard development steps. The process would require close coordination between the client and our creative technical teams.

Web Development

Our  Web Application Development Approach towards Project Delivery
As web consultants, we are aware of the fact that your corporate website is a virtual mirror of your business model and reflects your brand and reputation. Thus handling a project at Web Development Canada carries huge importance. web development canada, website development canada, web development services canada, web application development canada, web development company canada, professional web development canada, web development

WebSite Development Canada

The following will help you know the advantage of working with Web Development Canada::

  • Firstly a project flow and time chart is prepared which includes a step-by-step break-
        down of activities involved for the completion.
  • Regular updates and reports on project status at every stage
  • Excellent communication via phone, chat, e-mail etc
  • Technical assistance & support whenever required
  • Content planning & management
  • Free web consultation at all stages
  • Compliance to quality testing
  • Client approval & feedback updations at all stages
  • Scheduled project delivery
  • Web Design2342 days ago

    Web Designing Canada can design a professional level Customized website from scratch with your ideas or you can choose Web design from our pre designed templates, if you choose Template we will make changes as required by you like color, Tabs Name and images. Web Design Canada can design full Flash website or just add flash intro, flash header as per your choice. Web Design Canada can design one page "business card" style website, 5-10-20 page static website, Database Driven website or a fully-featured e-commerce website to sell your products online, we can provide affordable solution to your business requirements. We can create customize website design to suit your business needs. We are capable of designing completely new website, Redesign or revamp existing website, Maintenance of existing website.

    Web Design Canada can design a professional level web site for your business, displaying your products or services to the world! Website design and Web development is a strategic blend of creative designing and graphic art, content planning and management, technology deployment and data warehousing along with Web hosting and maintenance services. A small flaw in any of the above can lead to an overall failure of your organization's website designing initiative. Web Design Canada use latest Web technologies, we ensure a vibrant and world-class Website Design for your organization with our competitive edge and cost effectiveness. Web Design Canada put clients Satisfaction front of everything.

    • Experience world-class creative web solutions
    • Excellence corporate web design, custom web design services & website redesign services.
    • Interactive Icons and Banner Design Canada.
    • Flash Web design and 3D Max, Java Script, multimedia applications etc.
    • Affordable Web Design Packages that would f budget and satisfy your needs too!
    • W3 Consortium Compliance in terms of download times and navigability.
    • Highly-skilled and experienced web designers

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