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                        Custom Ecommerce Development $995
Ability to optimize your website Thru Admin Panel by adding tags
CMS (Admin Panel)
We will prepare control panel (CMS) secured via user name and password To manage website yourself

1. You can yourself create categories/sub categories.
2. You can yourself add/delete/modify product.
3. Add 2-10 different Pictures for each product.
4. Add available Size, Colors, Brand.
5. Create you own shipping system (Add unlimited city, Country to Ship) (Add unlimited shipping station to Ship from) (Add different Prices for every city)
6. Add Sub Admins to manage website.
7. Add Special Offer products in Sliding Show.
8. Add prices in 4 different currencies.
9. Add Downloadable files, Video files, PDF files, zip files .
10. Maintain your catalog yourself.
11. Add blog for Extra $100 with RSS feed
12. Live stats with ip Address and Country
13. Ability to turn feature on/off

Shopping Cart
Shopping cart will be fully customized based on your requirement with automated calculator.

User Registration Section and Login Section
Each user have to register before any Shopping and his detail are stored in database
User have to login before shopping.
1. Registration form.
2. Login section.
3. See his/her shopping history

Search Model

Payment Gateway
After shopping user can pay online via credit card. We will be usingwww.paypal.com for payment gateway integration.

Designing Section
» Homepage + 5 pages
» Manage content thru cms admin
» Online Support via Email and Phone
» Free stat Maintenance.
» Inclusion of Javascript and DHTML codes
» Written text and product images to be provided by client via E-mail
» Internal linking between pages (page to page)
» E-mail, contact details, small query form